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Over a coffee / Août 2014

New law on profit-sharing.
Since February 18, in accordance with country law No. 2014-18, all companies and institutions employing more than 50 people are required to negotiate a profit-sharing agreement. Our consulting firm invites company heads, or their representatives, who are concerned by this law or who have already concluded a profit-sharing agreement to come along to find out more, exchange views and experiences, good practices or issues... over a cup of coffee:
Monday 1st April from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. at the HILTON La Promenade.
Setting up Employer Alliances in New Caledonia - February 2014/March 2014
A new country law passed on 22 January 2014 opens the way for Employers' Alliances to be set up. An Employers' Alliance is a non-profit making association or cooperative which recruits employees on permanent or fixed-term contracts or apprenticeship or training-employment contracts with a view to making them available to its members. This law therefore means that employers can form an alliance to pool recruitment needs.

Our firm has been commissioned by the government to assist in setting up the first alliances.

Are you an employer, business licence holder, farmer, skilled tradesman or store-holder looking for a flexible way to hire staff? Are you interested in forming an alliance with others in your position to pool staff recruitment and share employee working hours?
Wondering how to set up an Employers' Alliance? Want to know how an Employers' Alliance operates?

Contact our firm and we will assist you getting things up and running.