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Human resources

Because individuals are ultimately the driving force behind organisations, Kahn & Associés assists public and private decision-makers in optimising and developing human resources within organisations.


Kahn & Associés can help you:


Build your HR strategy

  • HR Audi
  • GPEC and GPEEC (jobs, skills & workforce forecast management)
  • Definition of HR policies
  • Payroll
  • Skills & careers framework


Make employee engagement the force that drives performance

  • Change management
  • Skills development
  • Assessment framework and assessments
  • Coaching, mentoring
  • Training, training analysis
  • Social barometers
  • Organisational values


Identify and develop the talents and skills you need

  • Recruitment support
  • Coaching, mentoring


Partner you in ensuring fruitful employee-employer negotiations

  • Support in company and branch employee-employer negotiations
  • Updates and drafts of your agreements