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Our services

Public policies consultancy

Because citizenship also has an economic and social dimension, Kahn & Associés assists policy makers in developing sustainable, financially viable policies attuned to citizens' needs.

Because territorial policies play a key role in public policy and in development, Kahn & Associés brings you specific expertise in local development, labour and employment policies.

Kahn & Associés can help you:


Obtain a clear picture of community needs

  • Analysis of territories & sectors of activity
  • Anticipating economic and social changes
  • Territorial training, jobs and skills forecast management
  • Consumer and end-user surveys


Develop your policies

  • Ex ante evaluation
  • Formulation of policies relating to employment, vocational integration, local and territorial development
  • Development of locally-based industries, including agriculture
  • Definition of strategic goals
  • Land use and development plan, Agenda 21


Implement your policies

  • Definition of operational goals, expected results and management and monitoring indicators
  • Matching organisation and skills to your policies
  • Definition and deployment of management systems and budgetary and financial tools
  • Ongoing assessment
  • Ex post evaluation