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Year Clients / Country Assignment
2017 Social Protection Fund of Wallis and Futuna

Support for the recruitment of the future director of Social Protection Fund of Wallis and Futuna

2015 As de Trèfle
  • Coaching of the shop manager and her team to enforce social skills and sales performances
  • Leader team support in the management of internal social relations following the implementation of the company's work council
  • Intermediate managers' training regarding the work comittee handling process


2015 - 2016
North Province
  • Human resources quantitative and qualitative diagnosis, definition of  HR service's purposes and tools 
  • HR resources planning over the next 5 years in terms of jobs and skills needs 
  • HR action plan for the next 3 years and HR provincial policy ruling redaction
2015 CFAO Almameto

Employment contract redaction for the new company's general director

2015 NC 1ère (National first TV channel)
  • Managers training in conducting workshops to enhance creativity and teamwork
  • Project managers training and support in strategic projects for the TV channel: redaction team fusion, 50 years airing anniversary organisation, implementation of a new technical pool, reshaping of the sports news forecasts, etc. (...) 

International recruitment of a telecommunication work supervisor

2014 - 2015
Société Le Froid
  • Support in the negociation and writing of the profit-sharing agreement
  • Support and training of the HR team in the implementation of the workforce and competency planning
  • Help and support in the sales manager recruitment
  • Support in the research for technical workforce in France
2014 Government of New Caledonia : directorate of employement / Civil aviation
  • Writing of specific chapters in the labour code for civil flying crews
  • Negociation conducting with the head representatives of 6 air companies and their employees representatives
2014 Komatsu

Support in the sourcing of mining/work machines and vehicles mechanics

2014 Société des Mines de Tontouta (SMT) Ballande Group

Support in the negociation and writing of the profit sharing agreement

2014 Air Caledonie / New Caledonia

Facilitating negotiations resulting in the conclusion of four company-wide agreements

2013 Air Austral / New Caledonia

Support in recruiting a branch manager

2013 SAFRAN / France

Support in getting staff with job-related or physical problems back into work at their plant via workplace adjustments targeting new internal tasks

2012 - 2013
Large mining group / New Caledonia

Assessment procedure targeting 130 supervisors in connection with the mining group's planned job and skills forecast management system Individual and group coaching for group managers and their teams

2012 North Province / New Caledonia

Coordination of KNS (Koniambo Nickel SAS) demobilisation

2010 Arc International / France

Managerial skills development program (400)